The smart solution for the management of manufacturing-related information

MCS solutions help to simplify, organize, and automate routine tasks associated with the control of production-related data, optimizing efficiency, reducing the time and effort required for carrying out procedure-based routine tasks.

Features at a glance:

  • Simple task manager workflow operation
  • One-click task operation
  • Automatic file import & allocation of NC files
  • Fully detailed transaction log
  • ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 13495 & FDA compliance
  • Automated versioning and revision control
  • NC program request directly from machine control or optional barcode reader
  • Automatic NC file comparison
  • Control specific FTP clients, allowing easy transfer of data between control, PC or network. e.g. Siemens 840 D power line, Mazak Fusion & Matrix controls

MCS DNC Pro delivers an advanced solution for customers requiring a high level of data management, traceability and standardised workflow, ensuring compliance to industry standards for the medical, aerospace and automotive industries, e.g. DIN EN ISO 13485:2003, AS9100, ISO 9001. MCS solutions build the link between ERP, CAD/CAM and production.

MCS DNC Pro goes beyond the functionality of conventional DNC systems. Sophisticated data transfer to machine tools with either serial ports or Ethernet connections, complemented by our unique bespoke clients for Windows-based machine tools. Full support for FTP, SMB and NFS protocols ensures a standard process for the management of all NC-related files, no matter what type of machine control needs to be connected.

Reliable data transfer to and from machine tools is guaranteed by MCS smart network adapters which have unique embedded DNC functionality. These adapters allow remote request of NC programs directly from the machine’s keyboard, with the highest possible data transfer speed.

Systems can be supplied based on two options for network connectivity.

  • Network Cable using Ethernet - TCP/IP protocol
  • WLAN using Ethernet - TCP/IP protocol

Standardised procedures for all system users guarantees that the right NC file is only ever made available to the correct machine, eliminating costly errors, scrapped components and damage to high-value machine tool assets.

MCS DNC Pro logically organizes NC part programs working with smart IDs that can be linked to ERP or work-order-related procedures. Standardizing procedure reduces the effort and time required to manage critical production-related data.

MCS DNC Pro comes standard with simple integrated document management: all documents (texts, graphics, digital pictures, Excel and AVI files, CAD files) can easily be associated by drag and drop to NC part programs.

Automatic file comparison, revision control and NC file archive management ensure full traceability and compliance when subjected to any form of process compliance audit.

Automated file import and automated allocation to machine tool asset reduces the time required to search, find, and use manufacturing-related data.

MCS DNC Pro User access rights are fully customisable. A user can have full administration control and access to all data within the system or these can be restricted to individual user login and system features such as the ability to view, import, edit, lock, delete NC code or the management of associated information files. The system can be used with any preferred NC editor.

A fully automated and detailed transaction log manager ensures compliance to any quality standard such as: FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements for FDA certification relating to the standard for medical equipment DIN EN ISO 13485:2003.

MCS DNC PRO is a .DOT NET-based client server application. This software application is CAM independent, and can be integrated into any IT infrastructure, large or small. MCS solutions are fully customisable and can be integrated into any system using automation e.g. barcode-based solutions direct from ERP work orders or CAM system job report, ensuring simple error-free program transfer and handling.

All Mazak controls, old and new, are fully supported within the system. Both ISO and Mazatrol binary files are handled with ease.

Using a patented hardware device, it is now possible to connect to a Mazak control. The device dynamically switches between protocols when transferring ISO or Mazatrol programs.

In today’s market it is essential that all companies obtain a return on investment (ROI) in the shortest possible time. By ensuring compliance to ISO and DIN standards for the control and management of NC code, MCS solutions deliver immediate impact, effectively monitoring plant and equipment, as well as maximizing data transfer speed.

MCS DNC PRO automates the process of document control by using an intuitive Task Manager workflow, helping to make the control of manufacturing-related data easy. All system transactions are automatically logged, making it easy to complete life cycle documentation for ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 standards.